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*Want to request a ride over the phone instead? Call us at 440-895-7544.

Do you need a ride from Oberlin to your sexual/reproductive health clinic visit? The Sexual Information Center (SIC) provides FREE rides to clinic visits for sexual/reproductive health or gender affirmation! Please fill out this form at least 3 days (72 hours) before your planned clinic visit.

This ride service is confidential. Your identifying information will be seen ONLY by the SIC and your driver. Your volunteer driver has agreed to provide non-judgmental and confidential support during transportation. You may request a ride to ANY location within reasonable driving distance from Oberlin, as long as your clinic visit relates to sexual/reproductive health and/or gender affirmation. You need not be an OC student to request a ride; rides are for anyone and everyone.

Our drivers are volunteers, and rides depend on volunteer availability. Therefore, this is not a guaranteed service. If you have questions about this ride service, email the SIC at or call us at 440-895-7544. For more information about the SIC, visit our website at, or our Facebook page at

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Our drivers currently include: Della Kurzer-Zlotnick, Hannah Rosenberg, Nora Hubbard, Mara Delta, Kasadi Shock, Eva Wynn, Mikael Frey, Emmanuel Navarro, Emma Downing, Rachael Hood, Suzanne Denneen, Dean Boughton, Katharine Rigdon, Lauren Cole, Arianna Crawford, Efi Narliotis, Eliot Callon, Jojo Scott, Natalie Korzh, Eliana Grosof, Nico Vickers, Emma Baker, Aniella Day, Elsa Schlensker, Etta Schaye, Elana Rosenberg
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If you are a person of color and/or a non-cis person, you can check the boxes below to let us know how we can make you most comfortable.
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