ConnCAT Afterschool Program 2019-2020 Application
We are excited to have both new and returning children join us for the school year!
Please note that there will be a $25 required non-refundable registration fee for EACH ADMITTED APPLICANT.

- Program Dates: October 7, 2019-June 12, 2020
- Hours: Mon - Fri :230 pm-6:00 pm
- Snacks will be available
- Parents must arrange transportation for pick-up by 5:45pm.
- Hamden students must be dropped off and picked up. Please check with your child's school if bus transportation is available.

- Parents/Guardians must submit 1 application per child.

- Our program heavily relies on text and email to contact parents. Please provide us with ACTIVE phone numbers and/or email addresses that you check regularly.

- Please click on "SUBMIT" at the very end of the online form to ensure delivery.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 13, 2019. Parents will be notified via email of their acceptance status by September 20th.

Questions? Contact Stephen Driffin ( or Stephanie Mallard ( at 203-823-9823.
HOUSING CODE: This question is only for specific applicants. If you have been provided with a Housing Code from HANH, please enter the code below.
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