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Hello! Thank you so much for considering submitting art for SARVA's annual Survivor Art Gallery. For this event, we will holding a silent march through part of main campus that ends in HUB room 145 where the art gallery will be held. The route for the march is wheelchair accessible and can be seen below. It shows the march starting at the top of Rainier Vista south of Drumheller Fountain and going up past Mary Gates Hall to Red Square. From Red Square the march will continue on to the entrance of the Quad and then turn right to go past Gowen Hall and through the HUB Yard into the front entrance of the HUB. The event will be held on April 25th. Marchers will meet at 5 PM to begin by decorating tee-shirts and then proceed to march to the art gallery in the HUB. We will close the gallery space at 7 PM. A special exhibit of survivors with disabilities will be featured at the gallery but it is a space built for the art of all people who have experienced sexual or relationship violence. A few notes:
-We will accept ANY form/medium of art that you would like to submit. If it is not a physical creation and is rather spoken word, the sharing of a story, a song or other performing art, we will accommodate you to the best of our abilities and would like to feature your work. See more in the form below.
-If you would like to remain entirely anonymous, we can print your piece for you and label it as anonymous. If your piece is not in a printable medium, we can offer a very private and discreet submission space wherein you could bring your piece to our office at either a scheduled after-hours time or during one of SARVA's employees' posted hours on the website at this link ( The SARVA office is in HUB 131L.
-If you need a private space to create, we can offer you our office space. One SARVA employee would be present and this can be at a scheduled time or during our office hours posted at the prior link. Our door closes and we have desks and comfortable seating.
-We can provide certain creative materials to mitigate cost or other access problems. We will be providing canvasses of various sizes, acrylic and water paints, paint brushes, watercolor and regular colored pencils, markers, hot glue and hot glue gun, and drawing pads. These materials will be made available throughout April and at the Courageous Self-Care Event on April 22nd. More information about this event can be found on SARVA's Facebook page at this link (
-Lastly, it is our hope that you are very satisfied with your participation in this event and with how it was conducted. We have made every effort to expand the accessibility of the event and have given you the option of including only an email if you'd like. If you are unsatisfied or your needs were not met please let us know in the comments section of this form. You may email us at or
Silent March Route
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Would you like your art to be included in the exhibit of art by survivors with disabilities? This is a section of the gallery that will honor survivors with disabilities as April is also Disability Awareness Month.
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