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About the Climate Change Team Project:

Use this form to join the "Before It's Too Late" (BITL) Sloan team project. This project is working on expressing climate change data in VR at the Media Lab workshop. For more information on this team, see: For more information on the BITL/Climate Science team project challenge for the 2-day workshop, see:

You must be able to attend in person for the full two day session on Jan 23 and 24 in order to work on the Sloan team project. You do not need experience in VR development to enroll. You must also APPLY at

About the Workshop:

The MIT Media Lab will be hosting an exciting new two-day Module on Virtual Reality for Data Analytics Exploration. Until now, data has always been shared in 2D forms such as graphs and charts. How can we leverage new technology mediums such as Virtual Reality to allow people to digest data in 3D or visceral simulating forms? This workshop will allow students to form project teams to explore, concept and rapid prototype 3D data visualizations in VR for various data sets to help better understand Climate Science, Business Analytics and Civic/Open Data. You will also learn how to use different data visualization tools such as Simmetri to concept and rapid prototype in VR environments. Participation is by permission of the instructors.

Preview the workshop syllabus at:

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