Program Resource Survey Completed by Program Personnel
CMH EMS Education Department
The purpose of this survey instrument is to evaluate our program resources. The data will aid the program in ongoing planning, appropriate change, and development of action plans to address deficiencies. Unless specified, all sections should be completed by program faculty, Medical Director, and Advisory Committee members.
Classroom - The location where lectures are typically held.
Laboratory - The location where skills are practiced on manikins or fellow students.
Clinical - The non-ambulance location where skills are performed on live patients.
Field Internship - The location where skills are performed on live patients in an emergency medical services setting (on the ambulance).
Ancillary Facilities - Locations available for students not defined above for restrooms, staging, studying, etc.
Consider each item separately and rate each item independently to all others. Check the rating that indicates the extent of your agreement with each statement. Please do not skip any rating. If you do not know about a particular area, please check "NA."
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