2018 Izumicon Volunteer Staffing Form
Izumicon is only possible due to volunteers so we are always looking for more people to help us make the convention a more smooth and memorable one. There are a variety of reasons to volunteer. The biggest reason being you love Japanese culture and want to help make Izumicon better, but maybe you just want to interact with like-minded people who share the same interests you do. Whatever your reason, Izumicon has a place for you.

2018 Volunteer perks:
* Full Weekend Pass
* Unlimited Access to staff room (yummy food & lemonade provided)
* Behind the Scenes Convention Access
* Special Staffing Hours for Dealers Room
* Inexpensive staff shirts, sweatshirts & hoodies
* End of Convention Party (aka Dead Dog) with more free food!

Here are some of the areas in which you can volunteer (more details @ http://izumicon.com/volunteer/departments-descriptions):
* ConOps (handle security & wherever else your director assigns you)
* Artists / Dealers (work with our vendor/dealers and artists)
* Events - Panelist (hosting panels)
* Events - Staff (work events, monitor panels and judging)
* Guest Relations (help our super duper special guests)
* Registration (work registration desk)
* Tech (audio video and other technical setup/support aspects)
* Traditional Gaming (help run our board gaming room)
* Video Gaming (assist with video games room)
* Viewing (ensure audience is age appropriate; keep anime playing)
* Wherever (for those who don't have a preference)

Requirements for volunteering:
* be at least 16 years old
* submit completed volunteer staffing application by 08/04/2018
* either be a new Izumicon volunteer or be a previous Izumicon volunteer in good standing
("good standing" means you met staff requirements for the last year you volunteered)
--if you are not in good standing, you may be placed on probation and
may not receive all volunteer perks.
* work a minimum of eighteen (18) hours during the convention
(no more than three (3) hours credited for help during setup)
--this means you need to sign in/out with Staff Director or your Team Director for
proper accumulation of work hours.
*** If you do not sign in, you will NOT receive any credit.
*** If you sign in, yet do not sign out, you will receive no more than
ONE (1) hour credit for time worked.
* attend a minimum of two (2) staff meetings during course of year
-- you get 1hr credit for each staff meeting you attend (sign-in w/Staff Director is required!!)
-- if you are unable to attend the meeting, you must reply to each staff meeting reminder
before that meeting as to why you can't attend. Valid inability to attend reasons would
include: out-of-state, working, lack of car, etc.
-- failure to meet minimum staff meeting requirements may result in you being placed on
probation, and thus may not be able to receive all volunteer perks.
* attend required staffing meeting on Thursday 08/30/2018 @ 8pm for last minute updates
(can be waived by dept director)

The above requirements may be modified during the course of the calendar year. Requirement changes will be communicated to you via email, staff meetings &/or via our Izumicon online options: Izumicon forums (http://www.izumicon.com/forums) --or-- Izumicon Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/Izumicon/).

To apply, just fill out the form below. ***PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS (formatting information is oftentimes included in the description/comments for each question)*** We will be in touch with you after we receive it. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Izumicon Staff Director at volunteers@izumicon.com. Please put IZUMICON in the subject for faster response as Dani's busy & gets lots of messages. Email addresses for directors of the other teams can be found @ http://izumicon.com/volunteer/departments-descriptions/.

We look forward to meeting you and having you on our team!

First and last name required. This would be what legally appears on school, work, etc. records.
Your answer
What name would you like to appear on your staff badge? No guarantee this will be used. Please try to keep it short.
Your answer
How old will you be as of 08/30/2018? You MUST be at least 16 years or older to work as a volunteer. If you are under 18, we will need a signed parental consent form.
Your answer
Your answer
(Format/example: OKC, OK 73135)
Your answer
Please provide an email address you check often. Emails from us will always have IZUMICON in the subject. Should you want to change your email address on file at any time, you need to email volunteers@izumicon.com with the change.
Your answer
(Format/example: 405-555-1234) Please provide the number easiest to reach you at. If you have a cell phone that will be at the convention with you, that number is preferable.
Your answer
(Format/example: 405-555-0000) Please provide a backup number easy to reach you at. It could be your home, work or parents' number.
Your answer
(Format/example: Jane Doe, mom, 405-555-1234) Include name, relationship to you (spouse, parent, friend, etc) and 10-digit phone number of the person we should contact if something should happen to you. Entry HAS to be on one (1) line or data/application will be incomplete.
Your answer
No guarantee you'll get on that team
No guarantee you'll get on that team
No guarantee you'll get on that team
What is your availability on Thursday for convention setup? 4hr shifts are not required; just looking for general availability
What is your availability on Friday? 3-4hr shifts are not required; just looking for general availability
What is your availability on Saturday? 3-4hr shifts are not required; just looking for general availability
What is your availability on Sunday? 3-4hr shifts are not required; just looking for general availability
# OF HRS *
How many hours would you like to work? Remember that you need to work a minimum of 18hrs.
Your answer
Are you a previous Izumicon volunteer? Any other experience you would like to share?
Your answer
Any food allergies? If so, please list so we can try to avoid triggering an allergic reaction for you in the staff room.
Your answer
Preferred T-shirt size *
All sizes are adult. Staff t-shirt &/or sweatshirt available for TBD price. This question is for informational purposes only; you'll still need to reply to email communication to get clothing ordered.
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