Florida Trip 2020
We are planning on taking a trip to Florida to perform at Disney World again next year! Please help us out with our planning by giving some feedback on the following options....
Knowing that a trip in April is less expensive than a trip in March (around Spring Break)--would you prefer us to travel in March or April?
What is more important to you--cost of the trip, or timing?
In 2020 there is a teacher work day/professional day on Thursday, April 16th, followed by the "comp" day on the 17th. This would mean we can take a trip of the same length, but students only miss one day of school. We could also extend the trip by one day and students would still miss 2 school days, but have more time on the trip.
Would you prefer to keep the trip the same length and only miss 1 school day, or are you open to adding a day to the trip?
If the trip is the same length, we have a choice of which days to depart/return. Do you prefer...
If the trip is longer, what do you think we should do on the extra day? (choose as many options as you like)
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