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PTA Officer roles and responsibilities
Financial Basics: How to build a budget
Financial Basics: Audits
Financial Basics: How to use PTA EZ
How to run a meeting: Parliamentary procedure,
How to run a meeting: How to create an Agenda
Bylaws basics: What are in the bylaws?
Bylaws basics: Filling out eBylaws
Online Membership Basics: How to set up Totem and Report on online memberships
Setting up a nominating committee and running an election
Fundraising best practices
Communications Best Practices
Other (describe below)
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Setting Goals
Growing your membership
Developing leadership
Managing conflict
Working with the School District/ site administration
Cultural Awareness
Community-based fundraisers (walk-a-thons, DogFest, pancake breakfasts)
Fundraising software options
How to create a website
Community Concerns Roundtable for topics about health, safety, and school climate issues
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