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Thank you for choosing to promote your business with Montage Film Reviews Sunday DVD Rental Suggestion Podcast.

There are currently 7 options available:

1. 15, 40 or 60 second Pre-roll ad

2. 15, 40 or 60 second Mid-roll ad

3. 15, 40 or 60 second Post-roll ad

4. 15, 40 or 60 second Pre and Post-roll ads

5. 15, 40 or 60 second Pre, Mid and Post-roll ads for 1 edition of the podcast

6. Sponsorship (60 sec review after Intro Monologue and a link on the podcast website page)

7. Delux Sponsorship (Review after Intro Monologue, link on the podcast website page - inc. 15, 40 or 60 second Pre, Mid and Post-roll ads)

8. Themed Sponsorship (These consists of matching companies to editions reviewing titles connected to what they do i.e. a fashion/beauty retailer can sponsor an edition reviewing a title which stands out because of costumes/beauty.  A coffee shop could sponsor a podcast reviewing a title set around coffee shop/restaurant workers etc.)

PROMOS ARE NOT DELETED. Your promo permanently remains on the podcast as long as that episode is live, so there will be constant promotion for your business as long as people are listening.  

After submitting this form you will be contacted regarding availability.

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