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For a weekly Moshiach zoom class with Mrs. Sara Rosenfeld, In the Sefer Inyono Shel Moshiach

Dear Shluchos,
It’s been a long while since we had our weekly Moshiach Farbrengens.
We took an indefinite “break” here because it’s really not easy to stay inspired and to keep going with this, especially with everything else going on in our super busy lives & shlichus!
At the same time, its Elul now, and we know that the Rebbe is eagerly waiting for us to continue our efforts to bring Moshiach, and that learning about it is THE key and the straight path to making Geulah a reality,

In the Sicha of Veeschanan that we learned a few weeks ago, the Rebbe repeated his request & directive to us- to have set times for learning about Moshiach and Geulah, specifically in groups of ten or more, and to learn in an ever increasing manner - never feeling that we have already learned “enough”...
So as chassidim, and especially as Shluchos, learning IMG is really not optional! It’s not an extra luxury for when we will have “free” time - its our life force, our mission statement, and something the Rebbe wants for each of us!

And so BH we just started a weekly zoom class with Dr. Sara Rosenfeld from Melbourne, Australia, in the Sefer Inyono Shel Moshiach. (This sefer draws from many areas of Chassidus, and particularly from the Torah of the Rebbe, from Tof shin yud right through Taf shin nun bais.) BezH we will b”n continue these classes until 22 Shvat 5782, (unless it falls on yom tov).

For those who don’t know her yet, she is a super intelligent & knowledgeable Shlucha who has taught hundreds of classes in this Sefer, and so you know you will be getting an hour of solid, high quality, text based learning, which will give us a very clear and structured understanding of the concepts of Moshiach & Geulah, and empower us with the confidence to talk about it in our Shlichus, and answer any questions we may have, or be asked...

These classes will be on Tuesdays -
7am NY, 12pm UK, 2pm Israel, & 9pm Sydney/Melbourne

If we can count you in, at least on some level, please fill the google form as soon as possible, so that we can add you to the WhatsApp group with the zoom info & recordings, and also so that we can send your name in to the Rebbe, to give the Rebbe nachas, and to request hatzlacha bzman for you, and in keeping your commitment, and that this learning should be a channel for great brachos to you bgashmiyus & beruchniyus, in everything you need!

May Moshiach be revealed right away so that we can switch over to learning Torah Chadasha from the Rebbe, LIVE in the 3rd BHMK! 🙏

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