GDLauncher Survey
What rating would you give to GDLauncher based on your experience? *
What's your favourite thing about GDLauncher compared to other launchers?
What features are missing in GDLauncher that you would like to be added?
What would you improve/change in GDLauncher?
How powerful is your PC/MAC? 1 means that you're barely even able to boot it up, 10 means it has the best components out in the market
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If we added advertisements as an opt-in option (you need to individually accept this option), would you enable it to help us pay more developers to work on the launcher?
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If GDLauncher implemented the option to start a subscription (like discord), would you subscribe for 4.99$ or 9.99$ to have more features? This will also help us pay more developers and will give you more exclusive features, like cloud sync of world saves like Steam and more. The launcher will stay free, this will obviously be an optional subscription
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What is another possible method that we could implement to help us pay more developers to work on the launcher? Make your suggestions.
If we added a subscription option to have more features, what amount would you be willing to pay monthly? The launcher will still be free, this will only be to have more features.
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What do you play the most?
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Are you using GDLauncher as your main launcher?
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If not, what launcher are you using and why?
Do you think Minecraft will still be played in the coming years?
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Leave us a generic feedback if you want to :)
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