The Pin Show 2018 Sponsorship Registration
Deadline for Sponsorship sign up: Jan 26| 5pm
Creative deadline: Jan 27 | 5pm
Send artwork to

All sponsorships are first come, first serve on availability and placement.
Payments accepted: We will send you a square or paypal invoice for your sponsorship
Payment must be received within 3 days to secure spot, or due date, whichever comes first.

If you or your company are seeking more than 2 VIP Table Sponsorships, please email us for availability.
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VIP Table Sponsorships
Sponsors will receive a package for advertisement and logo specs.
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Spotlight Sponsorships
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Promotional Sponsorships
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Swag Bag Sponsor - Due to 1907 Balboa Dr. Dallas, TX 75224 no later than 2/10/17
Does your company have a promotional item, samples, or offer you'd like to put into our 400 VIP Swag Bags?
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Swag Bag Sponsor
Please describe what you will be adding to the Swag Bags
I understand that all print ads are due no later than 1/27/18 via email : in the accepted formats and correct size and 300dpi+. (.jpg, .eps, .ai). I also understand that if my image is sent pixelated, it may be downsized for the best resolution before printing, no refund will be granted for smaller graphics used if substandard imagery is sent.
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I understand that I need to print or save this form for my records before submitting, as it will not email me a copy. Select all, print.
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I understand if I miss a print deadline I am not owed a refund (partial or in full). Print deadlines are hard deadlines, so please plan ahead. If you need design or graphics help, please reach out
Please note due dates for in print items and initial here
I agree as a sponsor that I will also cross-promote The Pin Show with digital flyers, flyers, and posters sent to me, using my social media outlets, email list and any poster permitted posting sites. If you would like to be sent physical flyers/posters, please provide a mailing address.
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Please let us know how to expect your Sponsorship Registration Payment (due upon registration to hold your spot), Paypal will provide you with a receipt, please print it for your records.
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