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Vilnius - Kaunas - Riga- Tallinn

The Jewish Heritage Trail
We invite You to get acquainted with a long Jewish history in Lithuania which goes back to the XIV century. SInce old Vilnius was a Jewish city reffered by a holy name Jerusalen of Lithuania. By the first half of XVII century Vilnius already had 40 famous rabbis. But it was with the Gaoin Elijah ben Salomon Zalman when Vilnius became the capital of Jewishness. Jewish scholars from many countries came to Vilnius for wisdom, to share its wealth of books. The books written by Vilnius teachers andpublished here were used in Yiddish schools throughout the world. Vilnius is mentioned more often in Jewish history than any other Jewish center. So considering everything our main purpose in planning this tour is to offer you an opportunity to go back to Your Jewish roots, to encourage You to reasearch Your ancestors and to enable You to see the latest efforts being made in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


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