Student Parking Permit Registration
Parking tags are required for all vehicles in the lot. Students desiring to park at school must register their car and purchase their parking tag from the parking lot supervisors and display it from their inside rear view mirror. The tag must be displayed with the registration number facing forward. The price of a yearly tag is $20.00. The cost to replace a lost and/or stolen tag is $20.00. All cars must be registered, tags purchased, and displayed by the second Friday after the start of the school year. Parking tags are not transferable. Please watch the following video and complete the information. You will be picking up your parking permit from the table at registration or from the front office if you purchase during the school year. This form can be completed prior to purchasing your tag.

All mopeds must also complete the below driver and registration information. There is no fee for moped registration and a tag will not be issued. Please read moped safety information at:
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When driving in the parking lot, students must follow the pavement marking directional arrows. *
MSHS Parking Permit Registration Video
Students can be cited for failing to stop before exiting the parking lot onto Seminole Rd. *
You must stop for a school bus with flashing red lights. *
If a school bus is traveling in the opposite direction of you, you must stop if the red lights are flashing. *
Student Last Name: *
Student First Name *
Driver's License Number / Moped License Number: *
Grade: *
Make and Model of the Vehicle: *
Year of the Vehicle: *
Color of Vehicle: *
Vehicle License Plate # / Moped Tag #: *
Registered Owner of the Vehicle: *
The use of the parking lot is a privilege dependant upon your acceptance of the following conditions: 1. Agree to purchase and display a school issue permit 2. I agree not to purchase another students permit or provide another student with a permit 3. I agree to abide by school regulations/state/local statutes. 4.I agree (for the health and safety concerns) to the search of my vehicle and its contents while the vehicle is parked on school property.  The completion of your name on the line below will act as an electronic signature. *
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