Story Gathering - Stories about romantic relationships
Historias sobre relaciones románticas
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Voyage of Life: Art, Allegory, and Community Response
Artists communicate ideas, emotions, stories and more through visual expression. Here, you will find some works of art from Reynolda House and the collections of Wake Forest University that will be on view in an exhibition during the second half of 2021. We invite you to share some of your own stories in words. These may be inspired by the visual stories these artists tell or lead from the prompts we provide. In each section, we invite you to select at least one prompt and write a brief story (250 words or less) from your own experience. Please consider contributing two stories over all.

There are some questions here that get at personal things. These questions are an invitation to share, but please skip answering questions you do not wish to share.

By submitting a story, you agree to its use on the walls of the exhibition and in social media.
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