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Which painkillers fall under the class of drugs known as opioids? *
How many Americans over the age of 12 have used prescription drugs not as prescribed by a doctor? *
How many people worldwide are believed to abuse opioids? *
What are the side effects of opioids? *
How much more likely are people who use prescription opioid painkillers to abuse or be dependent on heroin? *
If you suspect an opioid overdose, what should you never do? *
What's the name of a law that exempts a person from arrest for minor drug and alcohol law violations if they call for help to save someone else’s life? *
The powerful and addictive painkiller morphine was named after the Greek god Morpheus. What was he god of? *
Opiates are derived from which plant? *
Which three medications are used to treat someone who's recovering from opioid addiction or experiencing an opioid overdose? *
What risk factor can raise your risk of dying from prescription drug overdose five-fold? *
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