Peeqo Dev Kits
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Things to note:

1. Price:
The limited run dev kits will cost $220(no Pi) and $260(with Pi). While these kits cost ~$450 I’m subsidizing them in an effort to kickstart the community.

2. Payment:
To avoid additional fees, I’ll accept payments over Paypal/Venmo.

3. Shipping:
US shipping is free. For international supporters I can ship it to you if you are fine covering the shipping costs, which will be ~$70 by USPS flat rate.

4. Delivery:
Dev kits will start shipping out in June, so you can get your hands on Peeqo much quicker!

5. Setup:
You should be comfortable getting your hands dirty with code to get the dev kits up and running and to add new skills to Peeqo.

6. 3D printing:
If you have a 3D printer, I can send you the files to print otherwise I’ll 3D print & send them to you.

7. Tools:
You’ll only need a Phillips screwdriver for M3 screws. I’ll provide video assembly instructions.

8. Software:
All code will be open sourced and since you can run the code on your PC, you'll be able to start developing skills right away before you even receive a kit. Star/follow this github repo -
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