BJANA Professional Mentoring Network
Objective: The goal of this network is to connect members who need help with career / professional issues, such as internship, employment, etc., and members with experience and resources to guide these members.  However, BJANA doesn't guarantee any outcome.  Once the members are connected through this network, they will need to explore possible opportunities independent of this network.

How Does this work:
1. You will need to submit your detailed profile on this network.
2. BJANA will encourage potential mentors in different areas of interest to regularly look at submitted profiles.
3. Mentors will connect with the interested candidates directly to provide possible mentorship / help.
4. This is a voluntary effort by mentors.  Hence, all candidates receiving support / guidance / help from mentors should keep the conversation confidential and certainly should not criticize the mentors for the mentorship / advise.  
5. The candidate himself / herself is responsible for any final decision on appropriateness and suitability of advise from mentors.

Your profile will be visible to other BJANA members who may be interested in providing mentorship.  BJANA is simply providing a mechanism to connect you with potential mentors and doesn't guarantee or promise any employment, internship or any other outcome.  Please don't include any private or sensitive information in your profile.  BJANA is not responsible for breach of any information that you provide through this network.  BJANA also doesn't take any responsibility for the conduct of mentors or transfer of your information by a mentor to any other party with the goal of providing you mentorship.  Please immediately inform BJANA in case you have any concern with the conduct of any mentor.  BJANA will take appropriate action against such mentors.
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