New Puppy Questionnaire
Getting to Know You!
Thank you for your interest in one of my sweet Havanese clowns! Please fill out the following questionnaire after reading through the info. on my website to help me get to know you. *Please note that I do not sell pups to homes that work full time outside of the home, unless prior arrangements are made for care that we can discuss. Havanese are true people dogs aka "velcro dogs" and do not thrive when left for too many hours alone.* Thank you so much!!
Name and family members names
Email, Phone numbers, and address
Best times and days for me to call you
Tell me about yourself and your family ie. sports, hobbies, interests etc.
Your Occupation and/or Spouse's Occupation
Why do you want a Havanese puppy?
Do you want a male or female?
Clear selection
What type of personality are you looking for?
Do you have any color or parent preferences?
Are you aware of the grooming requirements for havanese?
Have you read any information about the care of dogs and/or Havanese?
Do you work at home or away from home?
How many hours per week or days per week do each of you work?
How many hours will your puppy be alone?
Who will be the primary care giver?
Have you ever owned a dog before?
Where will your puppy spend most of its time?
Do you have a dog now or any other pets?
What do you feed your dog or pets if applicable?
Is anyone in you family allergic to dogs?
Clear selection
Do you live in a house, condo, apartment...own or rent?
Do you have a lawncare service that uses organic or chemical applications?
Clear selection
Smokers or non-smokers?
Do you object to a spay neuter contract?
I love to have puppies and folks pick out each other but sometimes help is needed. Are you willing to let me guide/decide which puppy would be best for you/your family?
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