WERG - Runner's Goals
This survey will assist you in setting future running goals and help Oli create relevant training sessions and programs for you as the runner.
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1/10 How do you rate yourself as a runner?
2/10 What is your CURRENT 5km time? Choose to the closest "30"
3/10 Select your MAIN goal for running with WERG
4/10 If you had to pick one, what is your favourite type of session?
5/10 What events are you planning on doing in 2019? Use "other" for ones not listed.
6/10 From the above, which one is your main goal race for 2018?
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7/10 What time are you aiming to get for the event above?
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8/10 If your main event for 2018 is a half or marathon above, what are your goal times for the shorter 5km and 10km distances next year?
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9/9 Lastly, would you like a personalised training program from Oli for 2018 to assist you in preparing for a PB or an event/s?
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