Introduction to Meever
Here is the basic information about our volunteer program. There is also a questionnaire so we can get to know you better before you come. After you fill the questionnaire we will be in contact with you as soon as we can.

So our name means in hebrew "beyond".
The name reflects the atmosphere of our place: our vision is to create a place that allows souls to meet and communicate beyond daily matters.
This is a dynamic and magical space that aspires to be the heartbeat of spirit, craft, movement and emotion. We inspire innovation and creativity.
A space that puts people in its' center.

We host guests from all over the world, individuals and groups, in various accommodation options.
Residents from Mitzpe-Ramon are also coming to our place to mingle and hang out.

Our space is devoted to 3 main things:
We are a hostel for backpackers and tourist from all over the world.
Performing art school with dance and movement, circus and theater programs.
We are a festival venue that's host large themed events and workshops multiple times a year.

We are located at the artist's area in Mitzpe Ramon, in desert of south Israel. a 1,000 square meters indoor hangar as well as 5,000 square meters of outdoor space!

The work usually divides between:
*️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️Reception and hostel- working in our reception, hosting guests, general cleaning, bathrooms, rooms and common areas,
*️Festival preparations - Organizing our space, building shades and decoration.
*️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️Development - Working on the venues facilities, building things, gardening, artistic touch ups, woodwork, metal work.
*️Kitchen- making food and working in the kitchen with our chef.

What kind of characteristics are needed?
We look for responsible people, devoted to their work. Happy and smiling people that are willing to give more in order to receive more.

If our vibe feels right to you, if you are looking for a place that is "Beyond", and you want to be a part of a project that constantly grows, you are more than welcome to answer the questions below.

There are some details about our place that you should know before-
Just a few details about our conditions..

We ask for 3 stay so make sure you consider that when deciding the dates..

We have two big shared meals a day the the kitchen staff making for us and our guests, we serve breakfast and lunch, we do not have dinner, but we do have a big kitchen with a lot of food and cooking equipment that you can go and use it any time.

Another thing is that here in Me'ever we work 5 hours every day, 6 days a week, so you have one day off as you choose and we will really try to consider it.

We stay in humble conditions, we have one mudroom, one big tent and a wood cabin. If you want you can get your own private tent to camp everywhere in our big space. You get a mattress, pillow, blanket, sheets and a towel. We have a laundry room to use at all times.

We have laundry room that you can use for free, we have a free wi-fi connection, we have shared bathrooms and toilet, heated.
We have 50% discount on alcohol, and discounts for friends who want to visit.

For our stay we pay 10 israeli shekels everyday.

After we work for 5 hours we hang out together, go hike in the desert, water sources in the crater, dance together play music, go watch the sunsets and so much more. So you have your free time to do whatever.

We have here a lot of events and cool stuff at evening, Like open dance lessons, contact, improve and more, ecstatic dances every two weeks, yoga classes, and a lot of parties some are only for our little volunteer family. some are only for our little volunteer family.

We meet together 3 times a week, in Sunday to talk about the week ahead, in Wednesday to talk about the weekend and in Monday for gather and connect and to have fun together, this one is not about work at all, only for the heart and the feeling of community.

Thats some of the things that I wanted for you to know before you come. So read it and let me know if it is ok and when are you planning to come.

Looking forward for your reply:)

Have a beautiful day!

Noga volunteer manager


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