Job Positions with Ownage Pranks [Paid]
I am looking for a additional talented, motivated individuals to join the Ownage Pranks team and help grow things in 2018!

Currently most interested in hiring people the following fields:

-Web / Mobile app development
-General design work (Logos, webpages, merchandise, etc)
-Audio editors
-Video editors (experience with Sony Vegas is a plus, but not required)
-Merchandising / Fashion / Apparel
-Prank compilations (editing together compelling compilations of the most popular pranks)
-SEO specialists
-ASO specialists (App Store Optimization app marketing)
-Creative assistant (source leads and correspond with people via e-mail etc)

The chosen individuals will be asked to work on a small sample project for starters, to get an idea of their work, and assuming all goes as planned and the skill level matches the requirements, will then be moved to a more official job position. Thanks!
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