Go Defensive One Day Raiding Squad
1.General info / Goals
Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to keep raiding in wow, especially in mythic environment, but you cannot uphold it due to work or study requirements? WE ARE YOUR SOLUTION!
Our goal is to clear normal/heroic and kill off 3-4 MYTHIC bosses as well, with only 1-day raiding (3 hours).Just imagine, that you will be able to get your toon into close to mythic ilvl average gear with some mythic loot pieces and titanforged items with only 3 hours of commitment per week. This is what we are working for!

2. Progression
Raiding 3 hours only a week will be casual only when it comes to schedule. Don't get mistaken by this, as the raids will be done in a focused fashion with lots of vanilla and TBC players, who were hardcore/semi-hardcore players in their past. Nonetheless we don't want the only 3 hours we raid to be crazy painful, so we will mix fun, steady progress and over-gearing contents a bit.
We will start with 1-2 weeks of normal at each content so we gear up some people who come back for a new patch. Then we clear heroic and over-gear ourselves a bit by farming heroic several times before attempting mythic. Then we shall mix heroic farming with mythic progression, trying to clear as many bosses until new content comes as possible.
This way we shall have the fun part and the challenge part as well without going bored or going into whole night wipefesting.

3. Schedule & Loot system
The raids will be held on each SUNDAY between 20:00-23:00 (server time - GMT+1). We do NOT tolerate late comers. Since we raid only once a week you are obliged to show up at 19:40 for invites and we will want to clear the trash by 20:00, so we can pull the 1st boss right away. Since we only raid once a week, you must take into account, that very close to 100% attendance is required, as we do not want to over-recruit and then bench too many on mythic. Of course holidays, family events, sickness are accepted.
We will go with personal loot in the first 1-2 months, as statistically 20% more gear is acquired. Then we will switch to loot council in order to help less lucky people catch and fill in the gaps in people's gear. Whining over loot will be not tolerated AT ALL and may result in removal from the squad right away. Items drop each week. We are not only forging our gear but a community as well, so no drama is accepted.

4. Trial
A trial period usually consists of 4-5 weeks, but it can be prolonged, especially if it comes to mythic raiding in the future. If your trialship fails, you can still decide to remain in the guild as a social member, and when your skills are better honed to perfection, you can retry later. We shall take into account logs, awareness, improvement during the course of trial (if needed) etc. You will be given evaluation once after the first 2 weeks or any time you ask.

5. Cross-over possibility to Go Defensive main squad with 2 raid days:
In case there is a change in your life and you could commit to more in the future or you just simply want more out of the game, trying to clear the whole mythic content, then you have possibility to cross-over to the 2-day raiding squad, who raid on each Monday and Thursday 4-4 hours. If there is an opening in there roster, then you are free to go over, BUT we ask for a 3-4 weeks of notice period, so we can find replacement to your spot. If it is found faster or it is not needed, then you can cross-over right away.

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