DOSHQ Disciplinary Action Complaint Form
This form is to be used to report a violation of the DOSHQ Disciplinary Action Policies. Please fill out this form truthfully and honestly and provide as much information as possible. Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your complaint and that we will begin our investigation.

Please note that petty arguments between members do not qualify as a worthy complaint. These can be solved between members and do not require disciplinary action involvement until the incident violates an actual DOSHQ Disciplinary Action Policy. To view the policies, please visit:

Thank you for your commitment to improving DOS and your roleplaying experience.

DOSHQ Disciplinary Action Staff
Plaintiff Information
This is for the information of the person filing the complaint.
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Defendant Information
This is the information of the person who is being reported.
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Incident Information
Tell us about what happened.
What console did this occur on? *
When did this incident occur? *
Did this incident occur during or outside of a roleplay scenario? *
Who hosted the roleplay? *
Please tell us who the host of the RP was. Please note that unofficial RP's don't fall under the DOSHQ Disciplinary Action Policies. If this was either an unofficial roleplay or this happened outside of a roleplay, please type "N/A" below.
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What did this person do? *
Tell us the violations that the person committed. How do these actions violate the disciplinary action policies.
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Tell us what happened *
Tell us your side of the story in your own words.
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Did anyone witness the incident? *
If yes, please tell us below. If not, please put "No" in the box below. Be advised that these people will be contacted about this incident.
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Have you filled out this report truthfully? *
Please read the disciplinary action policies to ensure that rules have truly been broken. Please also note that any lying or deception on this report may result in report dismissal and may also result in you receiving disciplinary action for dishonesty.
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