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Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor in the QOSF Mentorship Program!
Here you can find a short overview of your role as a mentor and the timelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y69BQEAZRKhp4e7zTn4qSmJ2XSRxV0Y_7WnkmN-2Nvg/edit?usp=sharing .
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Who are we looking for?
The idea of the program is that mentors should be people that work professionally on topics related to Quantum Computing/Quantum Information/Quantum Communication.
This includes:
- Academia (includes Ph.D. students)
- Industry
- Other institutions (e.g.: national labs)

We look for people who are eager to share their knowledge, are good communicators and have a passion for what they're doing.
What does the process look like?
Filling in this form doesn't mean you will become a mentor in our program.
There's a chance no one on our team has ever heard of you or your work and we need to do a "background check" on all the people that come to us.

A bad mentor can make more harm than not having a mentor at all, so we try to protect our mentees by doing background checks and making sure that all the people that become mentors are a good fit.

Every case is different, but in general, the process looks as follows:
- We review your application for being a mentor. We check your publications, GitHub profile, etc.
- If it seems that one of the past mentors or someone else we know knows you, we might ask them whether they think you would be a good mentor.
- We might get back to you to ask for some additional information.
- Finally, we make a decision and send you some further information how this will proceed.

This should usualyl take about a week. However, since we're a small team with finite amount of time, this process might take some time – we'll finally get back to you, sorry if it takes longer than expected.
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What is your domain of expertise? / What type of project would you like to work with your mentee? *
How did you learn about the program?
Do you know anyone who has been mentor in the program already?
Could you provide any links to your work? Publications, GitHub, etc.
Any other comments?
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