2020 Horizons National Conference Session Proposal Form
The 2020 Horizons National Conference and Meeting will take place in Greenwich, CT February 27-28. This is the one time a year when representatives from all Horizons Affiliates and Horizons National (HN) staff and Board come together to share best practices, connect with peers, and learn ways to deepen, scale, and sustain our shared successful enterprise.

Horizons National is seeking exceptional workshop presenters for this year's conference and invites Executive, Site and Program Directors, Board members (including Affiliate Board Council Reps), and educators to submit a workshop proposal for consideration.

Presenting at the conference is a unique professional opportunity, a chance to showcase your best practices, and share your expertise with a national audience of educators and nonprofit leaders who are all focused on the same outcomes: transforming the way our students see themselves and their futures. Each proposal will be carefully considered and discussed with a committee of reviewers, and sessions are selected according to several criteria and with an eye toward creating a robust, diverse conference agenda that will appeal to the range of participants who attend.

Please note: Horizons National will cover $250 of the registration fee for presenters who are part of the Horizons Network; all other costs, including travel, must be incurred by presenters.

IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access will be a main focus of this year's conference. We hope to offer sessions that highlight both efforts already underway, and inform work going forward in all areas of our network.

The committee has identified sessions of interest in each category. Presenters can propose to address one of these topics or identify another one that is related to education and/or non-profit management. Workshop proposals should address to one or more of the following categories.

Category 1- Strengthening Programmatic Quality and Instructional Practices:
Project-Based Learning; Play-Based Learning; Social and Emotional Learning; Culturally Responsive Teaching; Literacy Instruction; Digital Literacy; Working with English Language Learners; Trauma Based Instruction

Category 2 - Supporting Organizational Health:
Executive Director Leadership Development; Engaging One's Board; Strategic Planning; Strengthening Publicity and Communication; Succession Planning; Strengthening Host School Relationships; Community Partnerships; Multi-affiliate and Multi-site Collaboration; Engaging Families; Structuring Site-based Professional Development for Staff; Working with Volunteers/Younger Staff

Category 3 - Enhancing Financial Health and Sustainability:
Fundraising Best Practices--individual donor, corporate and private foundation cultivation; Grant Writing Techniques; Sharing One's Story with Stakeholders; Building a Cash Reserve and/or Endowment Development; Strengthening Financial Management Practices; Conducting Effective Site Visits

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the 2020 Conference Planning Committee. The committee will consider the following:

Equity and Relevance
Is the topic highly relevant to the field of educational access, the conference focus, and our network? Does it address diversity and equity as it promotes best practices? Does the session address current needs, trends, and/or research? Is this session aligned with the HN Quality Band indicators and continuous improvement?

Are the objectives clear and can they be met realistically in the time allowed?

Practicality and Applicability
Will the workshop present practical "how to" information and applicable practices and resources? Can the workshop information be applied in a variety of programs and settings?

Does the presentation provide sufficient opportunities for audience engagement and discussion? Do proposed presentation delivery methods employ effective techniques for adult learning?

Does the proposal speak to the learning needs and interests of particular target audiences who will attend the conference?

Is the proposal well-thought through and complete? Are all questions answered completely?

Please complete and submit this form by October 25, 2019.
Please note: We will not accept emailed, mailed, or handwritten proposals.
You will be notified of the review committee's decision by early December, 2019.
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What 3-5 specific lessons will the audience learn from your session? Will they leave with any concrete tools or resources? What practical tips and ideas will they take away from your session that they might implement when they return to their affiliate?
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We appreciate you taking the time to complete this form. For further questions, please contact Deana Darling, ddarling@horizonsnational.org.
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