2020 Maplewoodstock band application
1. Fill out the form below.

2. Immediately email ONE MP3 file to maplewoodstock@gmail.com.
(Please, no compilations; just send us your the ONE song that represents you best.
It does NOT need to be professionally produced nor an original song, but it should be of decent quality and volume.)

a. Here's some advice: don't send .wav or .mp4 files. We want *MP3* files.
If you need to, use iTunes (free!) to convert your files to MP3. Please.

b. Name your MP3 file "bandname - songname". For example:

"the freerangers - love song ballad.mp3"
"Starry-Eyed Waitresses -- Never_Coming_Home.mp3" Please. Help us keep things organized.

c. For the subject line of your email that contains your MP3,
use "band submission from 'bandname' ". For example
"band submission from The Freerangers". Please; this helps our music
selection committee immensely.

d. Send ONE song. Not two or more. Not a medley.
Don't point us to a website. Send ONE song -- doesn't matter if it is live or studio, cover or original.

e. Don't write things like, "You know me, do I really need to apply?" ...
or "Do I really need to submit a song?" ... or "Do I really need to pay the application fee?"
Yes. Yes, you do need to apply and submit an MP3. Everyone is required to do this except for the 3-4 Headliners we directly hire.

3. Pay your $25 application fee either by a check made out to "Maplewoodstock" and mailed to:

75 South Orange Avenue
Suite 216
South Orange, NJ. 07079


via the PayPal button at the BOTTOM of this page. (Preferred.)

Bands who are selected and perform will get an $150 honorarium.
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In what year(s) has this band APPLIED to Maplewoodstock before? *
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In what year(s) has this band PERFORMED at Maplewoodstock before? *
(Applying and/or performing in the past neither HURTS nor HELPS your application. We try to curate a program that balances old favorites and new blood.)
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Will you be paying your application fee by check or PayPal? *
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(Or the email address of the PayPal account. If we cannot match your payment, your application is incomplete.)
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You're almost done!
Remember to follow the instructions at the top of this page.

1. Immediately after hitting SUBMIT, email ONE MP3 file to maplewoodstock@gmail.com.

2. Send in your $25 band application fee by check or PayPal at the link BELOW.
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