AACCS Demands Sign-On
Read the full list of demands, with background & explanation as well as details for each demand, HERE: http://aaccslo.org/policy/demands !


We, listed below, are signing on publicly to show our support for the effort to make sure #BlackLivesMatter in the Central Coast. We are committed to fighting for a better world, a world without the violence of the carceral system, a world where no one has to struggle to meet our basic needs.

We declare & affirm that we deserve support from our local governments during this pandemic - for essential workers, for renters & homeowners, for people with school-aged children, and for All the folks who need it most. We DEMAND better from them, and we demand a Central Coast where *all* can thrive.

We will not stop until we achieve this dream. We will not stop until DA Down, the SLO City Council, and the SLO County Board of Supervisors enact our demands.

This is both a commitment and a call to action: until we get justice, the people in power will get no peace.

1. Kat Schroeder Mora, Cal Poly student & concerned community member
2. Alejandro, cal poly student, concerned community member
3. Linda, Cal Poly student
4. Natasha Lewis, family of Cal Poly student
5. Grace Price, Local, Cal Poly student
6. Xochitl Ryan, Resident
7. Kylie Blair, Cal Poly student
8. Sam Sorensen, Concerned community member and Cal Poly alumni
9. Sydney Fortune, Cuesta student & community member
10. Olivia Schroeder, Family of Cal Poly Student
11. Ila Moncrief, Cal Poly student, resident
12. Jared McMurray, Cal Poly student & concerned community member
13. Anonymous, Local Resident, Concerned Community Member
14. Declan Galli, Attend Cal Poly
15. Toby Darci-Maher, I go to Cal Poly SLO and now live in San Luis Obispo during the school year
16. Katie Rose, Cal Poly student
17. Flor Hernandez, Resident
18. Audrey Cody, Cal Poly alumni, comcerned community member
19.Amanda Kennedy, Cal Poly student and active community member
20. Noah Katznelson, Resident
21. M.W. Kaplan, Resident
22. Max Harrington
23. Anonymous, Friend of Cal-Poly student
24. Fionna Fahey, Cal Poly student, concerned community member
25. Kara Leonard, Local
26. Deanna Savelson, resident of SLO & student at Cal Poly
27. Raleigh Delk, Resident
28. Valentina Ramírez, Calpoly grad (2020) Santa María resident
29. Chuy Caracoles, Local, concerned community member
30. Jose Carrasco, Local, concerned community member
31. Kalea Conrad, Student of CPSLO
32. Emma Chantegros, Cal Poly Student
33. Taylor Graybehl, Live in SLO County
34. Paige Haywood, Resident
35. Eli Leclair, CPSLO student
36. Ethan R Hundertmark, Cal Poly Student
37. Thalia Ward, Cal Poly SLO student, Concerned community member
38. Olivia Elman, Student, Cal Poly SLO
39. Aidan Dugan-Culton, Atascadero Resident
40. Claire Lopez, CPSLO
41. Alyssa Jayne, Resident
42. Chloe Bonini, Cal Poly Student and Community Member
43. Jess, Concerned community member
44. Alicia Figueroa-Landman, Moved to central slo in late June had intentions of traveling ended up staying here
45. Sarah Florez, Student, Cal Poly SLO
46. Chloe Comstock, Cal Poly Student
47. Caitlin Nguyen, I live near!
48. Morgan Moulis, Cal Poly Alumni
49. Jami Clayton, Lived here since birth
50. Susie, Generational resident
51. Esmeralda Reyes, Cal Poly student
52. Chloe Szeto, Cal Poly Student
53. Bryson Y Shishido, Cal Poly Student
54. Mohammad Omer, Cal Poly Alumni
55. Sara Williams, Concerned community member
56. Trevor Davies, Cuesta College Alumni
57. Ruth Matassarin, CP Alumni
58. Ethan Weiss, Student, Cal Poly SLO
59. Hailey, Cal Poly alum
60. Abby Allen, Cal Poly Student
61. Jessica Griffiths, Have lived in SLO 10 years and on the central coast for almost 20 years
62. Anonymous, I’ve got friends there
63. Kate Parkinson, Alumni of Cal Poly
64. Serena Garcia, Resident
65. Jessica Sater, Cal Poly Student
66. Lizabeth Thompson, Cal Poly Professor
67. David Mitchell, Resident & registered voter
68. Jennifer MacMartin, Registered SLO voter, Cal Poly alum & current staff member
69. Alejandra, Radical fem
70. Madeline Cooke, San Luis Obispo Resident
71. Shipley, Resident
72. Payton Adema, attends cal poly
73. Rob Moore, Cal Poly student and community member
74. Hailey Honegger, Cal Poly Student
75. Alison Chew, Cal Poly student and community member
76. Max Harrington, Concerned community member
77. anonymous, Cal Poly student
78. LeSchwantz Sparcmann, Cuesta Student
79. Jaime Olmedo, Cal Poly Student
80. Abbie Curtid, Cal Poly Student
81. Dana Culpepper, Grew up in SLO county, SLO High alum, current resident
82. Garrett, concerned community member
83. Allison Newlee, Former 5 year resident and Cal Poly SLO alum '17
84. Liza Holmes, Cal Poly SLO
85. Mia Rolph, SLO resident
86. Amanda Schroeder, family of Cal Poly student
87. Jacqueline Garcia, Cal Poly Student
88. Nicole Paul, Cal Poly Student
89. Alyssa Bowling, Cal Poly Student
90. alyson lucas, student at CSUCI and director at Saving Lives Camarillo
91. Sarah Veloya, Cal Poly Student
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