1N5 High School Brand Ambassador Application
At 1N5 we envision a world with optimal mental health for all. 1N5 is searching for brand ambassadors who are passionate about mental health education and want to share their stories within their school community to help advance this work. From fundraising and blogging, to storytelling and finding supporters, we are hoping to increase awareness of mental health in our schools and strive to STOP the STIGMA and START the CONVERSATION through our ambassadors. 1N5 will provide all ambassadors with ongoing support and guidance, and materials and messaging to use for these efforts.

As an ambassador, your role would be to:
- Use connections to promote and educate on mental health and 1N5
- Use personal social media platforms to engage peers with 1N5's brand and messaging
- Attend training sessions to learn about 1N5's brand, mental health advocacy, and education
- Embody the principles of optimal mental health in order to educate peers
- Create and maintain community outreach and programming within your school
- Participate in and promote 1N5's Youth Innovation Challenge
- Sell 1N5 merchandise to promote 1N5's mission--ambassadors will be provided incentives based on sales

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