The New Canaan Champion Tree Project: Data Upload
Please use this form to upload data about your tree(s). Please note that The Champion Trees Project is a public citizen science project, and any tree-related information uploaded to this form will be shared and made publicly available.
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Your privacy is important to us, and your personal information will not be shared. We will only use this information to contact you if your submitted tree is a contender for state or national champion consideration, or to notify you about Champion Tree Project updates.
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Tree Information
Please enter the following information from your Champion Tree Project data sheet.
Tree Species *
Please select your tree from the list of common tree species, below. If your tree is not listed, select "other" and enter your species in the next question
If You Selected "Other", Please explain
If your tree species was not listed in the dropdown menu, please provide it here. You can also provide additional details about your entry (i.e. "I think it was a red oak, but it could also be a black oak").
Tree Location *
Please submit decimal degrees (41.xxxxxx, -73.xxxxxx), or a clear description of the location of the tree
Circumference (in inches) *
Height (in feet) *
Quarter-Average Crown Spread (in feet) *
To calculate quarter-average crown spread, add your longest spread and cross spread, and divide by 8. You should only submit this final number.
Total Points *
Add your tree circumference (in inches), tree height (in feet), and quarter average crown spread (in feet) to get your points.
Photo Upload
If you took a photo of your tree and would like us to verify your identification or other information, please use this link:
Please be sure to include your name, tree species, or other helpful identification information in the photo's file name. Otherwise, we will not know which tree the photo corresponds to.
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