Hive & Forge: Crafted and Curated Goods

Opportunity for Crafters, Artists, Curators: Get in on the ground floor! The founding operators of Red Antler Apothecary & Bad Moon Shop teamed up to create Hive & Forge: Craft & Curation Collective Shoppe.

We are currently looking for individuals willing to lease space in our new makers & curators retail store at 30 Church Street in Salem, MA in the old fire house. We will be sharing the building with the new brewery opening East Regiment Beer Company.

Hive & Forge is like nothing else in the town of Salem. We are focused on giving artists, crafters, makers of things, collectors of goods, and others the opportunity to show and sell their wares to the community of Greater Salem and the numerous visitors that come from all over the US and the world to visit a town that tells a very special story that is a big piece of the women's history, and American history. We work together on special events, workshops, social media and more to bring customers in to learn about what we do, and create lasting repeat business.

We will market Hive & Forge through social media, events, donations, participation in community, and more. We additionally will have a website that can show and feature our "collaborators in residence".

About the Old Firehouse: The beautiful brick walls and doors are featured in the architecture, and it is a big part of the story telling of Salem. Tours of Salem not only go by, but they stop and talk about the firehouse and all that is historic as well as spooky! Our window displays will take advantage of this opportunity. It is also conveniently located right next to a primo parking option and one street from famous Essex Street. We are poised for success.

About our partner and neighbor: East Regiment Beer Co., dedicated to producing the finest classic and modern style craft beers on the North Shore are growing their own brand in the neighboring space inside the firehouse where they brew their beer, have a taproom and food. We are looking forward to collaborating where ever beneficial, and sharing customers and visitors.

Staffing: We will take responsibility for selling, ringing, wrapping and accepting payment for your goods. We will cut you a check at the end of the month, after your rent is paid for the following month, minus credit card fees and a small percentage of sales in the amount of 15% for labor costs. Utilities are included in the price structure below, including WiFi.

Hoping to find passionate like minded individuals that love what they do and care about the customer experience!

Types of crafters and curators we are looking for (include but not limited to):

Painters and/or illustrators
Paper and/or Fiber makers
Clothing and/or accessory makers or curators
Vinyl dealers
pottery artist

We will NOT be currently accepting for leasing:
jewelry makers
CBD applicants
bone/taxidermy/skull artists (but will for pop-ups)

Disclaimer: Not all that apply will be selected.

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