Hello! You Fit My Perfect Co-Creator Profile!
Hey You! If you're reading this, then you're most probably a "Dream Match Co-Creator" for my crazy Peace-building dream of HONESTYM.COM.

And, you'd probably like to be added to my newslist about my brand new upcoming Online Course!

(No pressure if we're not a match, you can honestly say NO at the end of the survey 😉)
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Do you believe it too?
Are We A H Peace Making Match?
So now...
Ready to Become Free to Be Honest and Live a "Be Paid To Be Me" kind of Life?

Not sure it's possible though?
Well! It is, because I AM!

I am Adriana Bito, an International Industrial Engineer turned Peace Engineer and I am launching a brand new Course From Scratch specifically to help people like you, who want to get paid for both their expertise and their true (crazy) self by launching their own Consulting Business... all this with Peace and Honesty!

Because I don't believe in actual coincidences... If you're reading this, you most probably fit my PCP! <3

So, thank you so much for taking the time to answer this survey! You will help me better understand your specific situation, needs and desires. I look forward to meet you through reading your answers.

Oh! Aussi...
Because I believe that "I am" are empowering words, I've crafted the survey so as it is you speaking for yourself, and asking yourself these questions...

Be Franc and Excuse My French 😜🇨🇵

I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

#SpeakUp #ShareYourHonesty

OH! And... If the "H Peace Matching" is high enough,
I might email you back with a FREE Strategy Session as a gift... <3 <3 <3

(Thats a 500$ gift baby so... Yeah! Let's GSDo this!)
My First Name is... *
My Age is... *
I Live in the City of... In my Country that is... *
My Main Occupation or Job is... *
Am I an Engineer? *
Am I a Conscious or Sensitive Person? *
On a scale from 1 to 5, how much would I like to learn how to get paid more & thanked even more, for being my true, full, crazy self? *
hmm maybe...
Heck Yeah! Where do I sign?
So, YES! I really want to achieve this "being paid to be me" goal because... *
However, I have felt myself held back and stuck by... *
So, here are the TOP 3 questions I'm "Googling" about achieving this goal : *
Also, the TOP 3 questions keeping me up at night about achieving this goal are : *
Let's Get SMART Real Now! Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bounded...
Now, I Adriana have helped myself and dozen others to achieve the "being paid for being myself" goal by teaching how I made it from 0 to 15k$ with my own consulting business thanks to:
NO website, NO funnel, NO big following or FB ads...
And NO new certification at all!!!
(YES!!! You actually don't need a paper or a diploma to tell you YOU ARE AN ENGINEER AT HEART!!!!)

I also helped other people make their first 500$ in 5 days, 5 clients in 30 days or sign up 5 figures contracts in 6 weeks!

500$ in 5 days,
5 first clients in 30 days
5 figure contract signed in 6 weeks...

These are simple, measurable, and actually achieved real goals, that happened last year.

The way I made this happen was by holding accountable these "GSD Type of People" to focus on the only 3 key things that actually get the money in da bank, from someone that could become your new BFF for real!

Now back at you, ask yourself :
What are the TOP 3 biggest misconceptions / limiting beliefs that I have about solving my pain point aka "not being paid (enough) yet for being my true self"? *
Let's Look At The Road Ahead. Point A: What does life/career/business look like for me NOW? (Describe a day/week in your life and the range of thoughts & emotions you're feeling). *
Point B: What does life/career/business will look like for me after learning how to get paid high price for being my self ? (Describe a day/week in your life and the range of thoughts & emotions you're feeling once your pain point is solved). *
What have I already tried so far to solve my pain point? Where have I looked for solutions? *
Who do I follow online to help me out with this? *
Believe we Match?
Now, I Adriana, have analyzed the best relationships and results that I got with my previous clients / co-creators / students and I realized that my "Perfect Co-Creator Profile" is around these 3 kind of Identities!
And yeah... you can discover these people on the website honestym.com, section "H Reviews" :

- The Spiritual Housewife Mamacita Engineer like Nadia who got "6 dreams come true in 3 months"

- The Multi-Cultural Hardworking Mamacita Engineer like Maude who got 5 clients within 30 days...

- The Privileged "WGC" Engineer willing to Make a Change... who got his first dream client in 5 days like Davide!

Also... just FYI...
1. An Engineer is a human being that GSD and build SOLUTIONS! It's definitely not about the diploma or anything...
2. WGC can be... Wealthy Guilty Conscious? White Guilt Conscious? You choose! lol
So, now that I know who you've worked with Adriana, I believe... *
DONE! You GSDid it! Thank you for that!
Would you like to be added to my PCP (Perfect C Profile) email list to be updated about the upcoming course enrollment date, etc..? *
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