2024 1:1 Tutor waitlist

Please complete the below form, and we will reach out to you when a tutor spot becomes available. Please note we are unable to indicate timeframes, though we tend to have movement toward the end of the year. If you have a preference for face to face over online support this may impact your place on the waitlist.

A little about our 1:1 tutor approach:
Our tutors are trained in evidence based practice, are experienced teachers and use the Science of Reading as a basis for all instruction. We are regularly upskilling and use data to inform all our teaching. We assess children so we can support them from their point of need,  then we explicitly teach concepts, with plenty of ongoing review. We really value the children and families we work with and are open to communication with schools and other professionals in order to best support our students.

Our sessions are $130 per 45 minutes. This includes tutor planning time. We charge to attend school meetings, write reports and when we have extended communication. 

Please note, we work with children who require additional support. Our tutoring services are not designed to advance children already working at or above the requisite grade level.
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Please contact us via our website if you have any questions. Many thanks, Nat and Sarah x
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