Highlands 460 Civic Association Annual Community Feedback for 2019 (last year)
Hello resident,

Our neighborhood is cherished by its occupants, passionately serviced by volunteers, and sought after by many prospecting homeowners. The primary goal of the H460 Civic Association is to bring value, community resources, and safety to our neighborhood. We recognize that fostering culture requires careful attention to the needs and the desires of the community it serves.

In order to give our best, we need to know more about how neighbors value the association's efforts, the needs of the community, and where can we surface an opportunity to grow.

All responses to this survey will be completely anonymous unless you choose to reveal your identity through an open text question. Responses will be viewed by the H460 Civic Association first before publishing to the community. Any personal identifying responses will be sanitized before sharing to ensure privacy.

The questions are formatted as CSAT which means that we ask a question and give you specific choices to choose from with an option to leave general feedback at the end. By conducting the survey this way we ensure:
1) Neighbors feel comfortable with being honest in their responses
2) The data is objectified and actionable
3) Allows us to not only improve the charter of the Civic Association but this quality of this survey as well

For your household, you may choose to submit one survey per person or one for your household. The choice is up to you.

Please know that your time here is going to directly impact our community and we highly appreciate your decision to participate!


A survey respondent will be randomly selected and receive a $50 gift card. They will be announced at the Annual Highlands 460 Meeting ( meet.h460.org ) on March 4th.


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