ASSITEJ Cradle of Creativity Conference and Professional Engagement
What is it?
ASSITEJ SA invites you to be part of an intercultural conversation which includes opportunities to share research (both academic, artistic and action-based), artistic and pedagogical skills, experiences, insights and approaches into theatre and performing arts for young audiences. 

While the overall theme is intercultural exchange, the specific areas of focus include: 
• Dance Theatre for Young Audiences - approaches to engaging children and young people with the multiple languages of dance and physicality, and their potential to cross the narrow linguistic borders that can separate us
• Contemporary themes in Theatre for Young Audiences - addressing the taboos, barriers and boundaries that exist and how these may be confronted through innovative theatre
• Child Participation in Theatre for Young Audiences - the child as dramaturg, the child as creative collaborator, and theatre mediation for children and young people
• Eco-theatre - exploring how theatre can empower children and young people to effective action to support the future of our planet
• Theatre for Young Audiences in Africa - sharing the diversity of approaches from across the continent
• Inclusive theatre - focusing on new approaches to ensuring access for all children and young people to theatre
• Early years theatre - considering the aesthetics of theatre for the very young

We are delighted to be able to have this conversation in the framework of an exchange between BRICS countries, supported by the Department of Arts and Culture, and to be able to include several interesting and diverse perspectives from a range of cultures.

Our children and young people deserve the best quality arts experiences we can offer, and to provide these, we need to be both rigorous and generous - rigorous in researching the efficacy and impact of what we are attempting, and generous in sharing our knowledge and expertise across our network. By reaping the rich harvest of experiences from across the globe, we can question, deepen and expand our own practices. Ultimately ASSITEJ SA sees Cradle of Creativity Conference programme as a space in which we can meet across cultures, disciplines and perspectives.

Who is it for?
If you are interested in any aspect of the arts for children and young people, whether as a researcher, teacher, artist, theatre-maker, student or interested audience member, you will find something in this programme to stimulate and engage you.
How do I access the activities?
Refer to the for the full programme and detailed description of activities.

Sign up HERE for the events you’d like to attend.

To register as a delegate for a day, several days or the whole programme, go to, Cradle of Creativity, and sign up for a delegate package, which includes tickets to productions. This gives you free access to the whole conference programme.
What does it cost?
A If you sign up for individual workshops or experiences,
a fixed cost of R100 an hour applies.

B Registered Delegates get free access to the whole programme.

C Participating Artists get free access to the whole programme.

D Paid-up members of ASSITEJ SA are entitled to a free one-day delegate package;
terms and conditions apply.


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