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Thank you for expressing your interest in supporting Waves for Change. It’s always so appreciated when people are willing to offer their time and energy!

We don't offer an official volunteer programme, but we do host people as volunteer interns.

As we’re sure you’ll appreciate, our children need consistent, stable adult figures in their lives, who can offer a sustainable form of support. They receive this from our surf therapy mentors, who are local youth from the same or similar communities as the children trained by W4C to deliver surf therapy sessions.

Because of this, we are mainly looking for volunteer interns to assist with MEL and research, programme design, and communications (rather than interact with the children). W4C is an evidence-based programme, and so we are always looking for qualified people to assist with our research and sharing our story! We are looking for Masters level qualifications, and/or relevant practical experience.

Logistically, you would need to provide a valid police clearance certificate, and to be able to hold an interview with us (this can be via an online platform). You also need to be able to cover your own costs and provide own transport to work.

We are always looking to partner with other mental health organisations, and are very open to skill and knowledge sharing. You can also check out the International Surf Therapy Organisation, to see if there are other programmes you can support around the world.

We’d like to learn more about your availability and background; please fill in the below form.

Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you!
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