South Hobart Community Garden Membership Form
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Membership Type
Membership runs from the 1st of July to the 30th of June each year. Contact the Membership Coordinator or check the website for current fees. Membership renewals will be due annually by the 1st of July. New members joining from the 1st of July to the 1st of January will pay full fees and those joining after this will pay 50%. See Gardener’s Agreement below for details regarding code of conduct for members.

 *** Please do not pay on joining - limited number available, see below. ***

Current Membership fees are:
     Small $30 (concession $20),
     Large $50 (concession $30).

Please indicate which parts of the community garden you would like to be involved with.  You can choose more than one (tick box).
1. Extent of your involvement with the South Hobart Community Garden
2. Why you would like an individual plot (e.g., currently renting, living in a flat, poor site for gardening)
Payment Methods
 *** Please do not pay on joining - limited number available. ***

1.  Cash at working bees or meetings to the Membership Coordinator

2.  Direct deposit to Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633 000, Account number: 149671380.  Please put your name and “garden” (eg JohnSmithGarden) in the reference field so we know the payment came from you and what for!

I have read and understood and agree to abide by the Gardener’s Agreement below.  I understand that a failure to abide with this agreement may result in forfeiture of my membership.
South Hobart Community Garden Gardener’s Agreement
Members will operate in a respectful and co-operative manner with other gardeners and members of the public.  Any dispute or conflict should be brought to the attention of the Membership Coordinator who will deal with the matter in consultation with the Facilitators Committee.  The decision making process, although led by the Facilitators Committee, will aim to include all members on a consensus basis. If consensus cannot be reached by the group, the Facilitators Committee will make a decision by majority and members are expected to abide by these decisions.

All members are expected to:

Attend a garden induction.

Pay Membership fees on time.

Attend a minimum number of working bees per season (currently one per season) and take part in a duties roster to maintain the gardens.  These numbers and duties will be set by the Facilitators Committee and reviewed regularly in consultation with members.  

Ensure that organic gardening methods are used at all times and work to maintain optimum soil health.  For more information refer to organic gardening information on the website.

Return tools to the shed after use.

Maintain noise at a level that is not disturbing to neighbours.
Ensure manures, compost systems and fertilisers do not produce overly unpleasant odours.

Maintain shared and individual compost and worm farming systems so as not to attract vermin.

Ensure materials delivered to or stored at the garden are maintained so as not to create an unpleasant environment for other residents in the community.

Refrain from obstructing paths with plants or garden materials.

Use a thoughtful approach to planting so as not to overshadow another bed.

Notify the Member Coordinator if any issues or conflicts arise that need the attention of the Facilitators Committee.

Complete an incident report form (housed in tool shed) if any incident occurs onsite.
Communal Gardens
Community Gardeners involved in communal cropping and the food forest will be required to participate in an agreed number of communal working bees each season/year and carry out individual tasks on a more regular basis.  This will be worked out by consensus with other members involved in these areas, or in cases of dispute by the majority or the Facilitators Committee as a last resort.
Individual Plot Holders
Inform Membership Coordinator if they will be away or unable to attend their plot for an extended period - plot sitting arrangement can potentially be made - otherwise it will be relinquished after 3 months of disuse.
Let the Membership coordinator know if they .no longer require their plot.  A waiting list of eager gardeners will be maintained, so please advise as soon as possible if you no longer require your plot so that others can get growing!
Maintain their plot and the area surrounding, minimising pests and weeds on their plot and surrounding paths to reduce spread to the rest of the garden.
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