Langley Forest Preschool Application
Application to Langley Forest School will place your child in a time-stamped, dated waitlist order. As of Dec 1 2016, there is no fee to apply. Application to Langley Forest School does not ensure that your child will be offered registration and enrolment. You will be notified in February - June if we have space for the upcoming school year at which time you will be provided 7 days to choose to register your child, deny the space offer or remain on the waitlist. A non-refundable registration fee of $50 will be collected at the time of registration confirmation to hold your child's spot.

We recommend that families and preschoolers attend a Preschool Mock Day so that you and your child are able to see how preschool in the forest looks. This is helpful in preparing you for deciding to register (after being notified of a space opening by the registrar). If you haven't already done so, you can register for a Mock Day on our website.

Please note that school bylaws and therefore application and enrolment policies may change over time. The school reserves the right to make policy changes in the best interests of your children.
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