Student Parking Pass 2022-23
2022-23 School Year
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I hereby agree to abide by all the rules and regulations listed below to the use of the Weber High parking lot.  I understand that there is a fine associated with any parking violation. *
1. Parking is PRIVILEGE, not a right.  Parking space at Weber High is LIMITED, and is on a first come, first serve basis.  Purchase of a parking tag does not guarantee a spot.  Misconduct in the parking lot could lead to revoking your parking privilege.  A student parking tag is required to park at WHS in the EAST parking lot and overflow.  Please park responsibly and respectfully. *
2. The speed limit at WHS is 5 MPH.  Students driving recklessly will lose parking privileges. *
3. Each tag is numbered and must be displayed with the number facing forward, hanging from the rear view mirror.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO MAKE SURE THE TAG IS EASILY VISIBLE FROM THE FRONT WINDSHIELD.   *
4. You are responsible for your hanging tag and any violations associated with it.  If the tag is lost or stolen, you must pay an additional $10 to receive another tag. *
5. All students will park in the EAST parking lot and overflow ONLY, within the marked parking stall lines.  NO student parking allowed anywhere else on WHS school grounds.  Any violations to these rules will result in being ticketed, booted or towed at the owner's expense. *
6.  All vehicles parked at WHS should be locked.  For your protection, never leave valuables inside your vehicle.  WHS is NOT RESPONSIBLE for items stolen or for vehicle damage.  Any vehicle suspected of harboring illegal substances or other illegal items is subject to search by the WHS Administration. *
7.  Parking violation consequences:  First offense is a $10 fine, increasing by $5 for each subsequent fine.  Second offenses, and any other continued violations, could result in your vehicle being BOOTED and/or TOWED at the owner's/student's expense. *
By typing my FULL NAME below, I acknowledge I am electronically signing my agreement with understanding of the parking rules and regulations at Weber High School. *
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