Amethyst Place Volunteers (updated)
Thank you for your interest in spending your time with us and our families! In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities are more limited than they once were and extra safety measures have been put in place to limit risk as much as possible while still delivering needed services. All volunteers are expected to wear masks, sanitize or wash hands regularly, and will get temperature checked. IF YOU FEEL UNWELL PLEASE DO NOT COME - we want you to take care of yourself first. Current options include:

1. Moving Helper: When we have new apartments to set up or large donations items to pick up, it takes more muscle. Can you help? Donations mostly happen in morning hours. To be safe, you'd coordinate with our Donations Coordinator to meet at the donors address (must have your own transportation) and help load items into our truck. Then you can follow back to campus to help unload. For apartment set up, schedule varies. You'd come to campus to help move furniture from storage areas into apartments (stairs involved). We'd like to have a call list of 3-5 people that we can text when needed.

2. Virtual Learning Space Assistant: We're giving our kiddos on campus a space to come do their learning outside of their home apartment. Our community building is set up with physically distant desks and tables. You will help us with tutoring kids one-on-one (sitting at a table together but both in masks and sanitizing the space between students), serving meals/snacks, answering their questions, keeping them on tasks, supervising outdoor play, etc. Kids are with us 7:30 am - 3:30 pm Monday - Friday. We're looking for volunteers that can make a weekly committment to be here the same time/day for at least 2 hours every week of the semester to be a consistent presence and build relationships with our kids.

3. Outdoor Activities Assistant: While we're planning more activities for outdoors and families to do together, the smaller children need more attention and oversight. Examples might be a family kickball game where moms and older kids play the game but volunteers help watch the preschool and toddler kiddos play on the playground nearby. Other options could be outdoor activities led by volunteers such as games, sports clinics, craft projects, etc. Schedule is likely evening for family activities but flexible for volunteer led opportunities.

4. Virtual Tutoring: Many of our moms are in GED classes, college or vocational training and require a little extra help with homework or studying for exams. Some of our kids that aren't doing virtual learning on campus may also need tutoring help around their school and other activities. Please let us know if you have particular subject expertise, prefer working with kids or adults, etc.

5. Pantry Assistant: Our household pantry is open Tuesday and Fridays roughly 3-6 pm and orders arrive mornings of those days. You're welcome to help with unloading/stocking the orders in the morning 9-11 am or restock/supervising shopping hours 3-6 pm. On the job training is provided and it requires safe food handling training through Harvesters' website. **Not currently available until COVID case numbers decrease in our area**

6. Sorting/Organizing donations: We get a lot of household items donated to our families. While this helps us set up apartments for new families when they move in, it's also a lot to manage on a regular basis. If you like to organize and put things in order, we need your help! There are several donation areas to be managed. Some are best done by individuals and some are best handled by small groups. This can be anything from a weekly recurrence to a one-time event. ** Not currently available until COVID cases go down in our area.**

PLEASE NOTE we do not currently offer any group volunteer activities for groups over 4-6 people. This list is also not exhaustive of the possibilities. If you have ideas of other things that you or your group might be able to do, please reach out to Mandy Caruso-Yahne, our volunteer manager at or 816-601-2308
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