Predesignated Landing Zone Form
For Database of Predesignated LZ's in HSC. To be shared with all Air Medical Services serving HSC.
Fire Department District for LZ: *
Coordinates - Latitude, Longitude *
Decimal Degrees Preferred. Ex: 34.362735, -92.814881
Landing Zone Designation?
Label for LZ, Two character from Dept. Name then two digit #. Ex: MC01 for Magnet Cove LZ #1. If not stated we will number them per district once all are Received.
Ground Cover *
Obstructions within' 300'
Any Obstructions within 500' of LZ. Check ALL that apply.
Has this LZ been used before ? *
Any notes for the LZ or other information you feel is relevant.
Please Email or Text a picture of LZ along with the LZ Designation (ex:MC01) to or (501) 492-6869
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