Adoptive families survey
We are a group of entrepreneurs building technology to make adoption easier. We would like to survey adoptive families to ask their opinions. This is an anonymous survey, no personal information is tracked. If a question is unclear, please ask for clarification.
Are you adopting a child now?
Are you an adoptive family?
What are your most important criteria for an adoption match?
List the 3 most important criteria for you
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what age range of child are you looking for to adopt?
How are you running the adoption process?
By far, what is the biggest difficulty you face in the adoption process? Please be specific (e.g. cost, uncertainty, time)
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Have you succeeded in finding the right match yet?
Have you set a certain budget for the adoption process and how are you raising that money? (e.g. personal savings, subsidy, etc)
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If you have had access to pregnant women who are willing to have their child adopted, would you be interested in reaching out to those women?
why or why not?
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What would be your biggest concern in reaching out to those women?
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Will you be willing to cover the expenses incurred during the pregnancy and delivery (e.g. regular check-ups, injections, etc) on the condition that you will be adopting the child?
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if you would like to try the platform, or keep updated on its progress, please leave your contact info
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