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MDSS received feedback that the customers/distributors of our clients are concerned being the Importer of your products.
Are your customers concerned being the Importer according to the MDR?
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Do you have additional comments to the above concerns?
MDSS understands that your customer, if being the Importer, may not be able to comply with the MDR requirements. This requirement is the responsibility of the Importer and NOT yours. If the Importer fails, you may lose a customer.
Is your Importer able to fulfil the new legal requirements?
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Is your Importer willing to comply with the MDR requirements? (Any additional comments?)
The Importer will require the Manufacturer to place the Importers name and address on the products. This requirement is bestowed upon the Importer and may lead to a customer requirement for you. The logistics become more burdensome with several customers in Europe.
Are you considering to have a single Importer to avoid the scrutiny of several Importer you may have?
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In streamlining the process, are you considering to have a single Importer or several?
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In case of a single Importer, could this lead to a higher dependency from one customer?
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Any additional comments?
MDSS listens to the clients concerns and services have been implemented accordingly for your benefit.
Would you consider MDSS as a third party service for the import of your products in Europe?
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If YES, what are your expectations and what condition would you consider MDSS as the third party Importer.
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