Attend the 2019 People’s Action Institute Convention with WV Citizen Action Group! April 28th - 30th, 2019 in Washington, D.C.

Dear friends of WV Citizen Action,
(and friends our our ally groups like Rise Up WV),

Every year our national affiliate, People’s Action, hosts a big national convention. Members of grassroots organizations from all over the county gather together for training, networking, a big non-violent direct action, and a giant show of POWER. It’s really something to see!

We’re now taking applications from folks who would like to attend the convention with us.

Here's why we’re excited to go:

***People.***  This event will bring together about 1,000 people from grassroots groups from all around the country -- rural, urban, and everything in between.  Some of these groups campaign for issues and mobilize voters on a truly massive scale.  It's probably one of the most racially and economically diverse rooms you will ever stand in.  Just making friends and hearing other people's strategies is enough of a reason to go.

***Training.*** Here's a sample of what's on the training agenda for the convention:  Political Education, Data Tracking & Technology, Ramping Up our Base-Building, Developing Leadership to Scale, what to do with power when you have power, Campaigns Tools & Planning, and more!

***Direct Action***  People's Action will be organizing a LARGE direct action in D.C. as part of the convention.  Ever wanted to do an action on Congress, the White House or a federal agency? Here's a chance to learn how... along with 1,000 other people who are sure to make it a big splash!  Note:  Getting arrested is NOT expected or required.

Priority for the event is given to active leaders in grassroots organizing. To attend, you also need to be a member of WVCAG. If you’re not, that’s easy to fix! Just visit and click on “Membership.” Discounted memberships are available on a need basis.

We do ask that attendees help fundraise for their own costs to attend. We know that many people can’t afford to pay out of their own pocket to go to an event like this, but you can contribute in other ways, like helping with a small online fundraiser or asking a local donor to be a sponsor. Check out the application for details, and think about it.

We’d love to have with us… hope to hear from you soon!

In solidarity,

Savanna Lyons and Gary Zuckett, Co-Executive Directors, WV Citizen Action Group

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It costs us about $440 (for food, lodging and transportation) to send each person to the Annual Convention. To help us cover these costs, we challenge you to commit to raise at least $200! With a little help from us, are you willing / able to raise some funds to cover your costs of going to the conference? *
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