UTDTV Spring 2020 Show Proposal
UTDTV members, Do they have ideas? What ideas do they have? Lets find out!
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Section 1: Show Info
The Producer is the person who works with the Programming Director to make sure this show comes out on time and that it contains quality content. The Producer is also responsible for the rough cut of each episode.
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What is the Title of the Show *
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Who will be on-camera in the show?
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Please describe the show. What will happen every episode? (ex. Campus Consensus: Walk around campus and ask students questions.) *
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Is this show like any other UTDTV shows? (from any previous semester)
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What subset of the UTD audience does this show appeal to? What ideas do you have to market it to them?
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Section 2: Show timing
We are looking for 4 shows to be released bi-weekly (2x per month) as well as 2 shows to only be released monthly. (1x per month)
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