Referendum Survey
Dear Community Members:

We know that COVID-19 has created some unprecedented times for our nation, state, and the Blair-Taylor community. We also understand that during times like these, good planning and optimizing available opportunities for our future are very important. In 2014 we completed a strongly supported project that moved all of our students to a united campus. Over the past six years, we have continued to use our current fiscal resources to support student learning and to maintain the infrastructure of the united campus.

During the past school year, the school board reviewed data, had discussions, and learned that our Blair-Taylor community would benefit from a daycare facility attached to our united campus. The school board has been working with a local contractor and architect to research how this could be provided within the united campus.

By utilizing some of our current sixth-grade classrooms and adding additional classrooms/spaces, we would be able to have an easy access daycare center on the west end of the building and provide additional bathrooms for our elementary students.

Sixth-grade classrooms would be constructed at the end of our middle school wing along with a needed life skills classroom.

We would also move our business education room out of our middle school area and connect it to the end of our high school wing, providing needed middle school instructional space.

Additional needs for the united campus include the following:

The office renovation creates an efficient space that adds a needed conference room in the district office.

The addition of a bathroom in the nurse’s area provides safe health services for our students and staff.

The addition of a storage scenery shop completes our auditorium area.

We also need to replace two larger 1999 sections of the roof.

Improving the functional space on the elementary playground, along with additional playground equipment, creates a safer environment for our elementary students.

Adding a baseball field brings all sporting events to a central location and enhances student safety, thus completing the united campus.

The cost analysis to complete these projects is estimated at $4 million.

Why are we asking the Blair-Taylor community to complete these projects at this time?

In the fall of 2022, there is a scheduled refinance within our current debt service plan. We will be refinancing the projected amount of $7.6 million.

The opportunity to combine the $7.6 million refinance with the estimated $4 million needed for the improvements and additions, along with historically low-interest rates, gives us the opportunity to improve our united campus by only adding three years to the current term with no increase to the normal projected debt service tax levy.

The school board has considered delaying these projects due to COVID-19; however, we know labor, materials, and interest rates may increase in the future and not allow us to take advantage of this great opportunity for our Blair-Taylor community.

To help guide the board in making this decision, we are asking for your input.

With this information as well as the diagrams below, please respond to the following questions.
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