New Life Worship Survey 2019
The worship ministry is asking each member of New Life Christian Church to provide insight into
the worship service, by completing the following survey and returning it to the tithe box.

We have chosen to make this survey anonymous. Giving honest input will help improve the worship experience at New Life Christian Church.

How often do you attend worship services at New Life?
If you could select your preferred service style, which would it be?
How satisfied are you with the worship experience?
Not Satisfied
Very Satisfied
What do you think we can do to improve the worship experience?
How often would you like to sing new or unfamiliar songs (hymns, songs, or choruses) in worship?
When do you arrive for Sunday morning service:
If applicable, please explain why you don’t attend service on time at 10am
What do you think we should take away or change to improve the worship?
Please provide a brief narrative to describe your overall thoughts about worship at New Life:
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