Energy Management System Assessment
This is a simple questionnaire that will help you to evaluate your energy management system. Select answers that describes the actual status of your system then submit the survey. I will evaluate your answers and send you back the evaluation report with short possible improvements actions plan for your reference.
Your facility type is:
The manpower size of your facility is:
Do you have an Energy management system?
What is the approximate value of your facility annual energy bill?
Please select the answer that represent your case from the below options.
What is the current status of your Energy policy?
Who is responsible for Energy management in your facility?
How could you describe managing information system in your energy management system?
How you could describe the communications for your energy management system?
How could you describe the implementation for actions in your energy management system?
How you are managing investments in your energy management system?
What is the status of Energy efficiency awareness in your facility?
The way forward
once you submit your reply, I will send you a brief evaluation for your Energy management system with the proposed action plan to improve your system.
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