UKU Women- Find a Team: PLAYER FORM
This form is for ANY female player looking to play women's ultimate this year. It does not necessarily have to be for tour, but you will be linked to teams and/or players that you can play or train with.

Your details will only be shared with teams and players you are matched with; for discretion, no one outside of the Women's Committee will have access to the database.

We will start matching on March 22nd, so please aim to submit this form before then!

You are NOT bound to the information and matches we send you; this is just a tool to help connect teams and players; it is still up to you to take action!

(Here is the link to the TEAM FORM:

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Date of Birth
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Willing to captain/coach?
The UKU women's committee will be able to provide leadership resources for new captains/coaches...including a short course in London.
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