2018 PVMC Church Retreat registration
Thanks for registering online! Please read options carefully, and respond to all applicable items. After registering, in due time you will receive a statement from the church office, informing you of the approximate total cost of the options you selected (meals/lodging), which can be a guide to the voluntary donations you make toward the overall cost of the PVMC retreat.
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Please indicate both number and names of persons attending with your household (in each age category)

NOTE: Throughout the form, when your answer is "0" (zero), you don't have to answer it, and may skip to the next item.
Number of adults attending (age 13+)
Names of adults
Number of children (age 7-12) attending
Names of children (age 7-12)
Number of children (age 0-6) attending
Names of children (age 0-6)
Indicate the number of attendees (adults, plus children age 4 and up) at all the following meals. Do not include children age 0-3. There is an estimated cost of $7 per meal, which covers all cost of food, as well as labor for a cook and food coordinator, hired for the weekend to plan and oversee all food preparations.
Saturday breakfast
Saturday lunch
Saturday dinner
Sunday breakfast
Sunday lunch
Overnight Lodging
Will you be staying at Brethren Woods overnight either Friday or Saturday? *
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